Slides and Posters

Advanced Cider Orchard Production Workshop - 2017
Cider Apple Drop
Comparing Orchard Designs - Mechanical Harvest
Growing Cider Varieties in Western New York
Holistic/Organic Cider Orchard Management
Lessons Learned in the Orchard
Preharvest Factors that Influence Cider Quality
Reduced Pruning Inputs on Dessert Cultivars
Using Dropped Apples for Cider

Advanced Cider Orchard Production Workshop - 2016

2016 Posters:

Evaluating fire blight and apple scab sensitivity to 30+ cider apple varieties - Nikki Rothwell and G.W. Sundin 

Apple anthracnose control in western Washington – Whitney Garton, Mark Mazzola, Carol Miles

Assessment of the Cider Industry in Washington State: Cider Apple Production and Cider Making  Suzette P. Galinato, Peter R. Tozer, Carol A. Miles, and Grace Coffey

Mechanical Harvest for Cider ApplesCarol A. Miles, Travis Alexander, Jacqueline King, and Suzette P. Galinato

Comparison of juice quality of 4 cider apple varieties from 4 Washington locationsTravis Alexander, Andrew Zimmerman, Ed Scheenstra, Jacquline King, Carol Miles

Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen Concentration in Cider Apples from Virginia – Thomas F. Boudreau, Sihui Ma, Greg M. Peck, Amanda C. Stewart

Polyphenol Concentration and Composition in Cider Apples, Juice, and Finished Cider – Sihui Ma, Katherine Thompson-Witrick, Kathryn Goodrich, E. Ken Hurley, Andrew P. Neilson; Greg M. Peck, Amanda C. Stewart

Commercial Tannin Addition to Increase Polyphenolic Content of Ciders Made From Popular NY ApplesC.J.  Gerling, M.E. Sugrue, C. McGregor, A.K. Mansfield, O.I. Padilla-Zakour, Cornell University

Importing European Cider Cultivars into the U.S., Greg Peck, Margarita Bateman, Thomas Chao, Carol Miles, and Ian Merwin

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